Love Stories!

What's most important about a wedding? The dress? The shoes? Hair? Makeup? Flowers? Band?

Food? Of course all those contribute to the beauty and magic of a wedding, but truly, weddings are about the couple. In keeping with our focus on the wedding couple, their love and story.

Some years ago we pioneered The Love Story - a film just about the couple. We sit down with the couple in their place or ours (we have a lovely, red velvet love seat that just speaks of love and romance!), often with a glass or 2 of bubbly, and chat informally, on camera,  about how they met, their first impressions of one another; their first date; first kiss; the moment each knew "this was the one"; the plans for the wedding and the future beyond the wedding; where the couple imagine themselves to be in 10 years; their dreams and ambitions. 

Then we take the story, edit it and intersperse it with photos/video of the couple during their growing relationship. When it's convenient, we may join the engagement photo shoot (with permission from the photographer) and film the couple just having fun together. When not possible, we often are given permission from the photographer to use some of the photos from the engagement photo shoot.

We put the video and photos together and produce a sweet, often funny story of the couple's romance and love. Showing the Love Story video at the rehearsal dinner is a great way to welcome guests to the weekend, and give them an intimate look at the couple's story.

Non-Profit Videography

There are essentially two main reasons to consider regularly producing video for your non-profit.

First, good videography will clarify your organization's mission, purpose and brand. Who are the beneficiaries of your non-profit's work? How are they helped?

Second, top-shelf videography is a primary tool to use for fund raising. Every non-profit depends on grants and donations to do its work. Donors contribute when they are emotionally moved by the organization, and feel connected to the org's beneficiaries. Videos can debut at a gala where the org has a captive audience who is already there because they support the org. Videos live on through blogs, websites and social media. They can also be emailed to donors and prospective donors in order to initiate conversation. Video can provide regular updates about events and initiatives, and give donors the opportunity to feel part of the organization's ongoing efforts.

What makes a good non-profit video? Here, at GENERATIONS cinemastories, we avoid scripts and professional narrators. We believe that stories are best told in the first person, by the people who are most affected by the organization's work. We believe that there are subtle, emotional nuances experienced by viewers when stories are told in people's own words, with their own pacing and language structure. When there are several voices, authenticity will add diversity and interest to the project. 

A good interviewer is key to this authenticity. S/he should be warm, engaging, curious, and personally expressive so that small details like a nod, or a "wow" will encourage and support the person being interviewed. 

Here are a few links to videos we have produced for our wonderful, non-profit clients:  Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children Gateways to Jewish Education  Grand Reopening of Boston Public Library

Wedding Ceremony Tips from a Wedding Film Maker - Part 1

You're busy planning your wedding. You have the perfect venue, the perfect planner, the best caterer. You and your partner are superbly styled and dressed. You've hired an excellent photographer and highly respected film makers to capture the day. And, you have 5+ attendants on each side. Let's imagine several different ceremony venues:

1. You're marrying in an beautiful, historic church like the Old North Church in Boston. The area where the ceremony will be taking place is 10-12' wide. Your attendants will be lined up on either side, curving around the couple. Very sweet. But consider: without being in the way (standing in front of your guests or hovering behind you and the officiant) where will the photographers and film makers be shooting from? Ideally, we should all be off to the side - but the side aisles are blocked. The pew boxes have 4' sides and the floor creaks.

2. You're having a Jewish wedding, and a stunning Chuppah is being created. The Chuppah is 8'-10' wide. Your plan is to include the following under the Chuppah: The couple, the rabbi, the cantor, both sets of parents, 1.5 sets of grandparents, your BM and MOH and of course, all 10 of the attendants will be lined up in front.  It will be a very intimate huddle. Sweet. BUT - where will your photographers and film makers be filming from? 

Few planners and fewer couples consider how to have the ceremony filmed/photographed in these situations.  We all want to be invisible, yet capture every meaningful moment. How can we do that without having room for our bodies, our cameras, our tripods or monopods?

Here are a couple of options:

1. If there's no room for your attendants to be standing during the ceremony without forming a tight huddle, have them sit. They can process and recess as part of the wedding party, but during the ceremony they can have a perfect view of the couple by sitting in the reserved front pew.

2. If you're having a Chuppah, consider the venue and the ideal number of people you wish to have standing under the Chuppah. If you want a crowd, have a BIG Chuppah. How big? As big as it needs to be to provide a foot of space between each of the people under the Chuppah. That way, your photographer(s) and film maker(s) have room to shoot without blocking guests or  becoming part of the wedding party.



Iron Mountain - Library Space Solutions

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 3.50.51 PM.png

Hear about The University of Scranton's new library storage facility and why it's so important for them to continue expanding and enhancing their reputation. Using Iron Mountain's secure, climate-controlled buildings freed up space for ten thousand more books in their collection. With an extensive online database, students and faculty can search for whatever they need and have physical access to it within twenty four hours. That's the true magic behind a university library like this one.

Gateways 2016

"Here at Gateways, Boston's central agency for Jewish special education, we believe every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education."

"Gateways offers programs and services to children with special needs and educational challenges in Greater Boston's Jewish day schools, congregational and community supplemental schools and Jewish preschools, as well as Gateways’ own Sunday school, B'nei Mitzvah preparation program and teen youth group."

Learn about the Gateways: Access to Jewish Education B'nei Mitzvah Program and the effect it has on students, families and the Greater Boston Jewish community.

Boston Public Library Grand Reopening

This famous 168-year-old building recently went through a huge local renovation focused on transforming both the library building, and the library services. With a highlight on architecture and urban planning, this historical building has caught up to its 21st century literary audience. It reopened its doors in early July of 2016, and there's truly something for everyone. Watch the video to see for yourself, or go view it in person!

LIANA & JARED - July 30, 2016

When a wedding takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel, you know it's going to be beautiful, but these two were incredible. Her long-trailed dress was gorgeous, their color palette was lovely and easy on the eyes. Complete with unique decorations and keepsakes, Liana and Jared made their day one we would never forget. Watch the trailer below:

And here's Liana and Jared's full wedding film:

Lyndsy & Mike's Love Story

Sometimes on, two people find exactly what they are looking for.

Lyndsy was seeking a "nice Jewish boy", and Mike immediately caught her eye. He was not only drawn in by her photo but also by the substance and personality on her profile. They emailed back and forth for a few weeks, and eventually switched over to texting.

The first date was nerve-wracking for Mike, who couldn't stop talking the entire time, but that broke the ice and got each of them more comfortable with each other.

Being together was just easy. They liked spending time together and couldn't stop thinking about each other. Mike loved her dedication and compassion, while Lyndsy loved how he made her a better person, and how constantly supportive he was.

Almost a year later, on a trip to Deep Creek Lake, they confessed their love for the first time. Later on, Lyndsy was starting to wonder when he would propose, so on a trip to San Diego, Mike finally revealed the ring he'd had for months.

The wedding ended up being exactly what they wanted, and flowed as naturally as their relationship. Lyndsy and Mike know this is just the first beginning of many more wonderful years together, and are excited about what the future will bring.